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Vagabond – Let's Fight

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since the last devlog.

I have been mainly working on monsters and combats. I created a lot of components and systems but nothing which deserves its own blog post. Let’s see the improvements.


Firstly, I ingested several monsters, even if you will only see bats in this devlog. And implemented a very basic artificial intelligence: they wander in rooms of dungeons.

Combat System

It was then time to kick their ass. I had to modify the physics engine to support hurtboxes and hitboxes.

Then, I had to improve the way animations are synchronized between clients which requires me to do huge changes in the codebase.

Eventually, it was possible to attack the monsters:

Monsters receive a small knockout just after being hit.

It is not impressive yet, but with some particle effects and sound effects, it should be funnier.


It had been weeks, I was postponing the work on the user interface. I rolled up my sleeves and made a basic HUD to display the target monster name and health.

Moreover, I change the inputs. Now, everything is done with the mouse. Thus, I created a custom golden cursor you can see in the video below.

I also started to do preparatory work on a drag and drop system for the future inventory interface.

Cave Generation Update

Finally, I worked on the cave generator. I fixed pernicious bugs occurring during tile generation. Moreover, I added some cycles during maze generation. I am very happy with the results:

I shared this animation on Reddit on r/gamedev, I received many kind comments, it was very motivating!


That’s all for this devlog.

I am currently working on items, inventory, and characters. I think it will be a great step for the game and I hope I will have a lot of nice stuff to show.

See you next time for more!

If you are interested in my adventures during the development of Vagabond, you can follow me on Twitter.

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