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Simulopolis is dead

As some of you noticed, Simulopolis is not active since last November. I had still many ideas and many things to do before the game was finished. I started to work on the version 0.0.4 and even had some small features ready.

However, the internship and the master thesis (see next article) for more info) I was doing since September were not going well. Thus, I had to completely stop working on Simulopolis on my free time and work on my master thesis instead to have a little chance to see my thesis accepted by the jury. It was exhausting but eventually I succeeded!

My oral defense was in April so I did not work on Simulopolis for five months. Then, I had to take decisions concerning my future. I chose to leave Paris and to join my girlfriend in a smaller city in the center of France. Moreover, I decided that I did not want to work in a big company. Indeed, I am still young and relatively free from any constraint so I think it is the right moment in order to take my chance as an indie developer.

The bad news is, as you have guessed with the title, that I am not going to resume the development of Simulopolis. But the good news is that I have already started to work on a new project. It is called Vagabond (the name can still change). I will try to blog as much as possible about it so stay tuned! :)

If you are interested in my adventures during the development of Vagabond, you can follow me on Twitter.

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