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mygal::FortuneAlgorithm< T > Class Template Reference

Implementation of Fortune's algorithm. More...

#include <FortuneAlgorithm.h>

Public Member Functions

 FortuneAlgorithm (std::vector< Vector2< T >> points)
 Constructor of FortuneAlgorithm. More...
void construct ()
 Execute Fortune's algorithm to construct the diagram. More...
bool bound (Box< T > box)
 Bound the Voronoi diagram. More...
Diagram< T > getDiagram ()
 Return the constructed diagram. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class mygal::FortuneAlgorithm< T >

Implementation of Fortune's algorithm.

Template Parameters
TFloating point type (float, double or long double) to use in the algorithm
Pierre Vigier

Definition at line 36 of file Box.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FortuneAlgorithm()

template<typename T >
mygal::FortuneAlgorithm< T >::FortuneAlgorithm ( std::vector< Vector2< T >>  points)

Constructor of FortuneAlgorithm.

The points must all be unique.

pointsCoordinates of the sites that will be used to generate the Voronoi diagram

Definition at line 53 of file FortuneAlgorithm.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ bound()

template<typename T >
bool mygal::FortuneAlgorithm< T >::bound ( Box< T >  box)

Bound the Voronoi diagram.

The method FortuneAlgorithm::construct must be called before this one to construct the diagram.

The algorithm does not guarantee that the box passed as parameter will be used for bounding. It only guarantees that the used box contains the one passed as parameter.

boxSmallest box to use for bounding
True if no error occurs during intersection, false otherwise

Definition at line 95 of file FortuneAlgorithm.h.

◆ construct()

template<typename T >
void mygal::FortuneAlgorithm< T >::construct ( )

Execute Fortune's algorithm to construct the diagram.

At the end of this method, the diagram is unbounded. The method FortuneAlgorithm::bound shoud be called to bound the diagram.

Definition at line 64 of file FortuneAlgorithm.h.

◆ getDiagram()

template<typename T >
Diagram<T> mygal::FortuneAlgorithm< T >::getDiagram ( )

Return the constructed diagram.

The diagram is moved thus the method can only be called once.

Diagram constructed by the class

Definition at line 135 of file FortuneAlgorithm.h.

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